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On the long return coach journey from Stockport to Cornwall on Saturday evening, I managed to film an interview with Truro City manager Leigh Robinson. I was a bit reticent about doing it as his team had lost 5:0, earlier in the day. However, my commentator, former BBC Spotlight Sports presenter Dave Gibbins, was insistent and I am so glad he was.

What do you say when, as an opening gambit, you are asked “I know you were depleted today – players cup-tied, injured, ill –  are you using that as an excuse for the result?” Leigh said “No!” and paid tribute to Stockport County, saying that they were the best side that Truro City had come up against all season and recognised the gulf between the two clubs and the two teams. 

 “All credit to them [Stockport County]; their intensity, pressing and work rate were something to behold; as soon as they lost the ball, the speed with which which they reacted was absolutely fantastic to see. On the day we just did not cope with that at all.”  

Watch the full 6 minute Piran Films YouTube Channel video and you will see just how honest and humble Leigh’s articulate response was. And it wasn’t long before the appreciative comments starting to roll in on the channel. 

“As a Stockport fan, it’s great to hear managers praising us.”

There was a parallel experience for me, as a videographer, when I saw Stockport County’s YouTube video. At the risk of sounding arrogant, for the very first time, I came across a non league video that was technically better than mine. Watching them side by side I had to admit that Stockport’s video image was so much smoother and the audio crisper. On top of that, their graphics were far superior.  I didn’t sleep well. 


I guess I have become far too complacent and have dined out on comments such as those we received from Hereford and Torquay fans after they watched my highlights of the Hereford FA Cup replay: 

“Bit strange watching someone else playing at our ground. The view you filmed from is better than what we normally get to see from the other side of the ground,” 

“Brilliant coverage for this level. Top stuff!” 

“Great quality footage and commentary” 

“Can’t fault the coverage.” 

For me, these comments now count for nothing after seeing the Stockport video. So how have I responded? Well, I got on the phone to Mat Recardo (Technical Support) at CVP  (Creative Video Productions Ltd.) and had a long chat. I also exchanged emails with my Canadian associate – Adobe engineer and YouTuber (VideoRevealed), Colin Smith. These guys are your archetypal nerds (in the nicest sense) and they really know what they are about. Mat and Colin gave me some great technical advice.


The upshot of all this is that, I am going to have to ditch my trusted 10 year old Sony EX1 fixed lens, run and gun camera and find some sponsorship to invest in a new 4K video camera and external sound kit. I will also commission Colin to create some flashy 3D animated logos and smooth graphics. This will not happen overnight, but I hope to have the latest technologically advanced equipment and graphics in place for the start of next season. 


So no quick-fix production changes for Piran Films for the next National League South fixture against Weston-super-Mare but long term I  hope to have the following new equipment in my kit bag:


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