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The Truro School 2014 South Africa Rugby/Football Tour Film was finally premiered to a packed Burrell Theatre on Friday 3rd October. Everything went like clockwork and the film was well received by the parents, pupils and teachers, much to my relief.
I must admit, I was nervous beforehand. I have shown films to audiences in the past and the technology has occasionally let me down. But that was a long time ago. The school theatre is well equipped with a new top of the range Blueray HD video projector with 5.1 Dolby surround sound. I was worried that the film projected from a standard definition DVD onto a large screen would lack definition and image quality. Nothing could be further from the truth. The opposite was the case. It looked like a feature film and the shots of the South African landscape and the sports action were truly stunning. I was blown away with the images.
I was also more than a tad concerned that the film, at 55 minutes in length, would be far too long for the YouTube generation if not for their parents as well. But I needn’t have worried. I decided in South Africa that the film would consist of two main sections with an ad. break in the middle. The first leg was of Durban and its hinterland and Cape town was the setting for the second leg. In each half there were a mix of sport and sight seeing – each dove-tailing in and out with the other. I lay a music bed, comprised largely of the AKM CD “Africa” and downloads from Audioblocks. One of our Drama students-cum-rugby players, James Stevenson, co-narrated with Glynn Hooper, Truro School’s Director of Football.
I sat in the back row of the theatre sandwiched between “Tank” our physio and Jayne Grigg, the Headmaster’s secretary and parent of one of the members of the pack. I couldn’t have wished for a better reaction from the audience. They laughed at the jokes, applauded the last minute tries and goals and generally marvelled at the South African landscape. To watch the film again, after completing the edit a month ago – and on the big screen, gave me a real buzz. It was just a wonderful feeling observing an appreciative audience.
The parents were given a free copy of the DVD as a keepsake and were invited to donate to a charitable concern that I will be setting up officially next week. We raised £185 towards my £1000 target.
The film was shot on a Sony PMWEX1, (internal microphone only) and a Manfrotto monopod. I used Premier Pro for editing and colour correction.

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