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Video editing can be a solitary experience, which is why when carrying out a big edit, it is important to get a second pair of eyes on it after the rough edit stage. I really love the magic of editing, how one can weave a story from a disparate set of rushes to the final finesse applied to the rough cut.

Recently I have been putting together a film of a wake. Yes, you read this correctly – a wake!  On 29th December I attended the funeral along with 300 others of Trevor Mewton,  a big name in Cornish football.  He was Mr St. Blazey – the most successful manager in the county.  Afterwards, my football commentator, Dave Deacon, and I headed off for The Blue Anchor in Fraddon for the wake. I was ready with my camera, tripod, microphone and on board light to conduct interviews with the great and the good of Cornish football. It was a fascinating and unique occasion. We must have completed interviews with 15 or so former players, managers and coaches.  I captured over two hours of footage.

It is now nearly three weeks since this event and I am close to completing the project. So this afternoon I allowed my good friend (and one of the interviewees in the film), Glynn Hooper, to cast his pair of eyes on the edit . I filmed him watching thevideo, seeking to gain both his verbal and non verbal reactions. Glynn is representative of those who will watch the video later this week. I asked him to make positive comments and constructive criticism (by way of feedback to me) during  the video. He got too engrossed and could not find any negative comments to make. Glynn liked the structure and direction of Trevor’s video. It was a useful experience for me watching Glynn, watching my video.  The principle of using a second pair of eyes is something that  I am going to try to incorporate into my editing strategy. It certainly yields new information for me to work on.  It won’t always be possible. Nobody is going to be around during the wee small hours of a Sunday morning to offer their thoughts on my latest Truro City or Cornwall U.18s match highlights video.

In the end I asked Glynn to say a few words that I could use to promote the video on social media:

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