Putting my Cinemecanix C.1 Pro Rig through its paces

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity of putting my newly purchased Cinemecanix C.1 Pro Rig through its paces on a commission. The weather may have posed major problems but the rig did not  let me down as the video below demonstrates.


The setting was Holywell Bay on the north coast of Cornwall – Ross Poldark territory. You will have seen this beach feature on many occasions if you are a fan of this widely acclaimed BBC series. I was asked to cover Holy Grit 2017, now in its second year. It is a beach obstacle course – a cross between “It’s A Knock-Out,” a cross county run and an army assault course. I was delighted to have a former military man Jack Hartley at hand to help carry my kit, as we made our way out of the holiday park, onto the sand dunes and the beach.




Clearly there was no way that I could have used a tripod in such a diverse range of physical settings.  The Cinemecanix rig and camera set up would have been a whole lot easier to handle, had it not been for the atrocious weather conditions. There is nothing worse than getting rain on the lens. I used my large KATA camera rain jacket and, at times, had to get in and under it to capture my shots. I don’t know how many times we used the lens wipes. The rig felt really comfortable and easy to use. On this occasion I used the lower of the two base plates on the Cinemecanix Pro rig as I was using my smaller Sony EX 1 video camera and didn’t need an external electronic view finder.  This rig has great potential and, no doubt, will turn out to be a great asset. I look forward to using it in a less challenging setting in the very near future.

With this particular video, I have used an ice blue grade to give it that atmospheric look that reflected the filming conditions on the day.



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