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One problem that I have wrestled with for far too long is how to produce professional graphic overlays for my football videos. Adobe Photoshop scares me.  I reached out to a number of non league clubs that were streets ahead of me in this area, but not one of them ever got back to me.  I Googled  “Professional graphic overlays for sports videos” –  and again, all to no avail. It soon dawned on me that there were no “How to” video tutorials  out there that could would walk me through the process.  Eventually I did a general search and came across the VideoRevealed website. I watched their latest tutorial and was impressed. This guy knew his stuff and offered simple, informed explanations. I was not surprised to see that the website had over 46,000 subscribers and tutorials went viral.

So I sent an email asking if the creator of the videos had produced any “How to..” videos that would help me compete with other sports videographers who could produce professional looking titles, transparent logos and teamsheets. Have a look at the start of the video below as Colin Smith takes up the story from across the pond:


Colin has been incredibly helpful over the past month.  I could so easily have  taken advantage of  his generosity had I been unscrupulous. He sent me over a number of “How to” files  for free and didn’t ask for any donations.

These were the brief notes I made:


1. With video on the timeline, click edit in graphics and select rectangle tool.
2. Drag it out from the top left hand corner – change the colour and adjust the transparency to 60%
3. Grab the text tool and copy and paste from team sheet. Resize to fit in screen. Choose colour and use 30pts the text.
4. Duplicate blue background and place on right (use tools in graphics interface to the right – in ) and change colour
5. Duplicate text from the graphics section and select and replace other team from sheet.
6. Do the same for the referees
7. Select the Png files of the team logos, scale and position.

OK, it took me a while to apply the principles, as I am still working from an older version of Premiere Pro. I will upgrade as soon as the next upgrade comes out. But I have managed to adapt the instructions set out above and completed my first project. See the highlights video “Truro City v Gloucester City” in my previous blog. It is not perfect, but I am growing in confidence and getting there, all thanks to Colin Smith of Video Revealed – a true  gentleman and  consummate professional.


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