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A level teachers of Ethics all know that there is a dearth of really suitable visual media resources for the classroom, either for purchase as a DVD or free on the internet. Either the production values are pretty poor or the level of discussion is inaccessible to most 16 to 18 year olds.
As an A level Ethics teacher myself and professional videographer, I am currently engaged in exploratory talks with Peter Baron of Pushme Press to see if we can work together to address this situation. Peter, an Oxford P.P.E graduate, is making a name for himself nationally as a 6th form Philosophy and Ethics conference speaker. Concurrently, his publishing house, PushMe Press, is also growing nicely. Peter dropped into Truro School earlier this week to talk with me about his upcoming lecture visit in December and I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity of producing a media resource or two with him for this visit and for my private use at Truro School.
Two of our talented Sixth Form Drama students, Phoebe and James, were on hand to add additional spice to the proceedings and here is the rough edit that attempts to make Kantian Ethics appear more straightforward than perhaps the bog standard textbooks do. In time, no doubt we will add more graphics, cartoons and still images to improve the quality and appeal.


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