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I have always subscribed to the old adage “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” This is no more true than in the making of promotional films for the corporate market. So I am a great believer in the pre-production meeting with clients on location. There is nothing worse than turning up on the day of the shoot and “filming on the fly.” This is particularly true also for the wedding video sector. Prospective brides and bridegrooms ignore this meeting at their peril.

So recently I found myself in the company of Andy Hornabrook (Sales Engineer for Smith and Loveless) standing by their new above-ground sewage pump installation at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro. There are so many puns that I could throw in at this point, but I’ll move on quickly.

Andy shared the brief with me: film the pump in action (getting plenty of  close-ups of the different components), capture a decibel check and him talking to camera, and round off with an interview with the hospital estates manager.

All very straightforward one might imagine, except there are only two moving parts. Videos are supposed to capture the action. So having a pre-production meeting alerts me to this issue and gives me plenty of time to consider how I can bring the pump to life on video.  It is also very useful to meet the person(s) to be interviewed on camera and  prepare them so that they come across naturally on camera.

Of course on the day things don’t always go to plan. Inclement weather meant that we were forced to put back the filming by 24 hours. So whilst we had sunshine for the shoot, the estates manager was unavailable and we had to reschedule the interview.  However, having built in the pre-production meeting and met the key players, what might have appeared to be insurmountable problems on the day could be dealt with easily and hassle free.

Oh yes, I always like, where possible, to get a testimonial to camera rather than in writing. Andy was very obliging and I am grateful to him. See below:


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