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weddingsOver the past decade and more I have filmed numerous weddings in Cornwall. Each one was unique and very special. It is always a great privilege and  immense pleasure to  be entrusted with such a challenging commission.

Sadly standards and expectations have changed over the years. With the costs of weddings sky-rocketing, it tends to be the photographs and videos that are the first casualties. After all, anyone with a half decent camera or iPhone can do the job, can’t they? Well, that all depends whether “good enough” is good enough for you.

So I don’t seek out brides and bridegrooms to film their weddings anymore. I generally have to bite my lip when I receive a telephone inquiry and the first question is about price rather than quality. I have always gone with the old adage, “you buy cheap and you pay twice” but that can’t apply here, can it?  I bought a top of the range 50” Pioneer HD TV and surround sound system 8 years ago and it is as good today as it was then. It is fantastic.

So, unless you strike lucky with a young talented videographer starting up, anything quoted sub £1K for a full day’s filming – especially if a second camera is used on the wedding day – is taking a huge risk.  If you are tempted to go cheap, for heaven’s sake ask the video guy for a recent whole wedding DVD. Watch and listen to it carefully!

The last wedding I did was back in the summer at Fowey Parish Church. I had to use three cameras on the day. The lay out of the church rendered a single camera shoot an impossibility. The wooden rood blocked any hope of a  clear view of the bridal party from the choir stalls.  The bride and bridegroom were bowled over by the completed DVD I produced for them. It was ready for them on their return from honeymoon.

It was the father of the bridegroom who initially contacted me. He knew of my reputation from filming Truro City FC matches that his son featured in and was aware that I had done the former captain’s wedding video. He said to me at the pre-production meeting at the church, “we’ve picked you Mark because we know that you will do a professional job.” He was not disappointed.



Filming football matches, a beach obstacle course, a sewage pump installation at Trelisk Hospital or interviews are far easier than a wedding and they pay well.  But you don’t get that same adrenaline rush or deep feeling of satisfaction you get when filming a big wedding day.

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