The Production Process


Whether you have some clear ideas about what you’re looking for in your corporate promotional video(s) or are just keen to move forward with your video marketing, but unsure where to start, Piran Films will help you. We’ll get to know you and your organisation. We’ll want to hear more about your business story and the target audience that you have in mind. In London-based Will Dalton, we have a rare talent who will help you formulate a compelling script. Other creatives on the team will help guide you on your choice of creative style and organise a detailed schedule for the shoot. We own the professional high end kit that we use on the day and rarely do we have to hire in additional equipment.



During the day(s) of the shoot, we’ll bring the ideas we discussed on paper to life. We will take meticulous care of the arrangements with regards to the camera and sound crew, locations, studios, production insurance and everything else, to make sure everyone is put at ease and enjoys the experience.



The editing stage is where the magic really happens and where we’ll assemble the shot footage and craft the film to tell your business story. If you want a professional voice over, you can choose between Patrick and Polly and listen to their demo recordings on our About page. We’ll work closely with you to review and approve the initial rough cut and then fine tune each film by adding graphics, branding logos, sound effects and music to make your video stand out for your future clients watching online.



Once completed, we’ll advise you on the best format that you will require to showcase your video(s) to your respective audiences. We will also show you how to utilise your videos in future email and social media campaigns.

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