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It is often said that when watching video footage the general public is more forgiving of inferior visuals than of poor sound. And there is more than a grain of truth in this. In this day and age we are used to watching films that consist of hand held camera footage and images going in and out of focus. It was particularly trendy five years ago in the early days of DSLR video filming. What is never acceptable however is having to strain our ears to pick up the dialogue or listen to an audio track that is dominated by wind noise.
As a professional videographer I believe that if your customer is paying good money then they deserve a great product along with the requisite service. That means not just great images but also great sound. And in this business you usually get what you pay for.
As a matter of course, just as I use a colour correction facility within Premier Pro, so I always use Adobe Audition to “sweeten” my audio tracks. It is amazing what one can do to a track when you begin to apply the graphic equaliser or noise reduction tool – or, for that matter, any of the other amazing effects within this stand alone piece of Adobe software.
I recently sat in on a lesson at Truro School where Swen Kearey (Ninetwentyfive) gave an impromptu session to his Tech team on Adobe Audition. I found it fascinating. I filmed it and subsequently tried out some of his techniques as I put together this You Tube play list. If you like to see what we get unto in our editing suites, have a gander.

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