For a number of years, Piran Films has provided high quality video material to help 6th form students boost their A Level grades, apply for scholarships overseas, and gain access to their first choice British universities. Most of the students have generally studied one or more of the Expressive Arts (Art and Design, Music or Theatre Studies) or PE.

We film concerts, plays and  sporting fixtures with a couple of our cameras and produce short highlights testimonial videos. Here are some examples from each of the four A Level disciplines; one goes back to 2006:

JOEL (A Level Art and Design)


On completing his A levels, Joel studied Fine Art at Cambridge University.

FELICITY (A Level Music)

Felicity won a choral scholarship and studied Music and Drama at Royal Holloway College, London. She is currently at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama for post graduate studies.  In between Felicity did freelance in choral singing for a few years.


GABRIEL (A Level Theatre Studies)


Gabriel is sitting his A levels this summer.

WILL (A Level PE)

Will is sitting his A levels this summer

Piran Films has produced a great South Africa School Tour DVD for players and their families. We were lucky enough to be in South Africa to support the team and the DVD captures perfectly, the footage of some very exciting matches and the other adventures and experiences the boys had. A great record of a wonderful trip.

Mark Huckle has also recently produced a montage of rugby footage for our son’s A level PE, highlighting individual skills required for PE moderation. Mark was very flexible and was happy to offer examples of what he could produce for us to select exactly what was needed. Great service, very professional – we would happily recommend.
Graham and Pippa Hooper

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