“If you don’t get your knees dirty you’re not a real photographer.”

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I forget where I first heard that quote, but it is true also for videographers. To get the killer shots, you really do have to take up some unusual positions, be imaginative and think laterally. I have had people take snaps of me on all fours in Geneva before.

I have filmed in near blizzard conditions, in fog and in snow. But probably the most challenging shoot was filming a cyclist tackle the famous Alpe d’ Huez.  I wanted as many different angles as possible – some from the safety of a pavement, but mostly from moving vehicles (car and van) and from a Drift HD helmet camera. The best shots in my view were filmed from a van. Both doors were perched open. My legs were sprayed wide apart and I was holding on to the tripod and camera for dear life.


Corporate video production is all about story telling and I was lucky enough to have an articulate doctor and serious cyclist in the saddle, who I used as narrator.

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