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My daughter Melody officially became my business partner at Piran Films last week. Trying to teach and, at the same time, run the company as a business venture has not been easy for me. It is perfect timing. Mel is at a loose end having decided not to return to primary school teaching and , whilst I complete my last term at Truro School, she will man the proverbial fort. In fact she will do so much more than that: setting up systems and processes, overhauling our marketing strategy and basically gearing things up to go in August. Melody will become the face of Piran Films.
During the past three weeks we have had a glimpse of what it will be like – father and daughter – working together, taking Piran Films to the next level. So a one man band no more. Indeed, after investing wisely over the past three months, we no longer have just the one video camera, the one tripod, one on-board light, one display screen etc.. We have purchased two Sony Super 35mm video cameras with three prime lenses, two tripods, a set of 3 Dedo lights and accompanying Kinoflo Diva Lite, an Alphatron electronic viewfinder, an Aladin bi-colour on-board LED and other miscellany. So we’re hopefully moving upwards from videography into the realms of cinematography.
We’ve also signed up to Den Lennie’s on-line Business Inner Circle and are working through his “How to” videos, magazines and CDs and beginning to implement his tried and tested marketing strategies. We’re supposed to identify one niche and then become the go-to company in the area for that particular video service. Mel wants that to be wedding films. I am more inclined to the on-line marketing sector. My long term goal is to create video biographies for the rich in Cornwall, but not famous – it is big in the States but largely unheard of here in the UK.
Alongside all these possible ventures is the idea and the very strong possibility of going in with local Cornish business entrepreneur Shane Solomon and providing video content for his website and hopefully more. To this end, Melody is initiating a video “What’s On” guide that will, hopefully be going out on Thursday of this week and every week indefinitely. Melody has many gifts; she is very creative and has a far better ICT skill set than me. This is the sting that she made last week using After Effects that will launch her new venture: I have taught for the whole of my working life and have enjoyed every moment. Well most of them. But it is the right time to go. As I don’t believe in the concept of retirement – there are only so many rounds of golf you can play and who wants to watch daytime TV? – I can’t think of a better use of my future time than working alongside my daughter and being creative.

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